CTRM Success

CTRM Success

Bringing the Smarts to Commodity Management
December 2013 article from CIOReview naming Eka Commodity Enterprise Company of the Year

How can the impact of risk be minimized
This article was written by Manav Garg and featured in the publication Biofuels International

Why Software Products Are The Next Big Thing
Eka CEO Manav Garg featured in Fortune India July 2013 Issue

Supply Chain Management
An article by Manav Garg in Commodities Now June 2013 issue

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Case Study : Oman Cables Industry
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As the largest manufacturing company in Oman and a leading manufacturer and exporter of various types of cables and transmission lines OCI has experienced rapid growth in its business while serving a diverse customer base. OCI trusts Eka Software for price risk management operations to accommodate the growth in business volumes, bring about greater efficiency in its operations, manage risks, and aid in the company’s future growth.


GrainCorp Selects Eka, Read more.

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