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Eka announces release of online portal to connect agri-marketing companies and growers
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Eka.Grownet to help Agri-Marketing Companies provide better service and support to Growers 

Bangalore, India - Eka Software, a global provider of commodities trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions today announced the release of its online portal Eka.Grownet which provides a platform for agri- marketing companies and growers to connect and conduct business online. Eka.Grownet has an easy to use web-based user interface and can be accessed on both personal computers as well as mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Increased competition is forcing agri-marketing companies to look for new ways to improve the quality of service and support being offered to growers. Eka.Grownet is designed to help agri- marketing companies achieve these objectives by leveraging technology, removing the barriers of time and distance, while offering a superior online experience to growers and marketers alike. Eka.Grownet would make the procurement process more transparent, and allow Agri- marketing companies to dramatically improve grower experience by providing better service and support. 
Using the portal, growers can go online at any time of the day or night and transact with the marketer. This provides an enormous amount of flexibility and convenience to growers. They can view the latest prices offered by the marketing companies by product, grade and delivery location. They can create cash and pool contracts, track the status of contracts, deliveries and invoices, and finally view status of payments online. 
“Technology is a great enabler, and at Eka our endeavour is to help our customers win greater market share and improve business performance by harnessing the power of mobile and internet. Eka.Grownet is a great example of how our business and technology teams have worked in close collaboration with customers to produce a path-breaking and novel product. It takes the growers and marketers into the 21st century”, said Shobhit Mathur, Vice President-Product Management at Eka.
About Eka Software Solutions
Eka Software Solutions is a market leader in software for global commodity markets. Eka’s products and services help companies that buy, sell or trade commodities manage the challenges of volatile markets and 24x7 global operations more efficiently.
The products provide customers best-of breed functionality for physical trading, risk management, logistics, inventory, finance, compliance and business intelligence. Eka sees itself as partners in customers’ growth, working with them to improve operational control, increase profitability, accelerate growth and manage risks and exposures.
Today, Eka is a 220+ member strong team with offices in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, serving a growing client base across various commodity segments, sizes and geographies.
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