Analytics & Business Intelligence for Commodity Markets

  • Eka.Analytics provides real time, meaningful and actionable information to traders, risk managers and executives enabling them to view, analyze and simulate positions, market movements and risk metrics.
  • With Eka.Analytics you can monitor metrics like position, exposure, counterparty risk limits, P&L, etc by commodity & instrument type , across physicals and derivatives, enterprise wide or drill down to trading unit and individual trader levels.
  • Eka.Analytics provides a wide range of tools to mine, analyze and generate insights from your transactional data which can not only be used for strategic decision making by C level executives but also by your risk managers and traders for tactical purposes.

Key Benefits:

  • Transform transactional data into meaningful, actionable information
  • Be equipped to manage risk and position through best-in-class analytic tools
  • Monitor performance across enterprise, business unit & trader
  • Improve operating margins by keeping senior executives up to date with hard data
  • Make Smarter and proactive decisions with meaningful and interactive visual tools
  • Business Intelligence on the go through smart phone and tablets
To learn about how Eka can add value to your operations click here or write to us at demo@ekaplus.com

Eka Announces Release of Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform for Commodity Markets, Read more.

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