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  • With Agrex's growth over the past several years, there was a requirement for a faster and more comprehensive risk management system. It was important that we have a solution that could provide an integrated view across our domestic and international operations, handling everything from grain terminals and logistics to exports, with a high degree of flexibility to transact financial hedging and risk management, as well as highly-sophisticated reporting tools. Agrex management established a Steering Committee which evaluated the needs of the company and researched the market for a suitable software solution. Eka.Agriculture was the best fit for the requirements of Agrex.
    Eka clearly understands the complexities of the physical markets and are providing us with a complete farm-to-marketplace solution and an enterprise-wide view of our trading and risk management. The system architecture also lends itself to quicker and easier deployment than other systems we evaluated.

    Robert Barr
    Vice President
    Agrex Inc.

  • I am pleased to announce that CBH has gone live using Eka’s trading system. This is a very important project for us, as Eka's modern, integrated platform for commodity management will position us well to manage risk and further growth. A key ingredient for this success is the close collaboration between the internal CBH teams and our Eka colleagues. I thank the Eka team for their professionalism and commitment throughout the process. CBH is looking forward to reaping the benefits of this implementation, and continuing to work with the Eka team.

    Andy Crane
    Chief Executive Officer
    CBH Group

  • CBH faces some significant challenges in the future, particularly as our complexity and scale increases with our growth in export markets. Our team conducted a comprehensive global search over the past 18 months to examine many vendor solutions to meet these challenges.  We determined that Eka offered the best overall value for CBH, because of its experience in grains, and its knowledge of physical trading.  We are impressed with the integrity of Eka’s people and their commitment to our success.  Eka’s professional services team is already busy on the ground here in Perth, and we look forward to a successful implementation that will deliver real financial value to our growers in Australia.

    Brian Mumme
    General Manager
    CBH Grains

  • Eka.Risk Platform offers the market a solution to a critical issue – the need for a fully-integrated and enterprise-wide approach to commodity risk management, irrespective of underlying CTRM systems operating. Commodity Technology Advisory research points to a growing need for commodity companies to adopt such solutions.

    Dr. Gary M. Vasey
    Managing Director
    Commodity Technology Advisory

  • We were constantly impressed by Eka’s people, their abilities, and, of course, the solution itself. While the product is integral to the business relationship, the commitment shown by the Eka team, their transparent and flexible approach, and their very high capability levels, helped us decide in favour of the Eka solution. As a company we value customer relationships and we want to partner with companies that have similar values, and we saw that singular dedication in the Eka team.

    Eka’s Commodity Trading & Risk Management Solution gives us the power of real time information and overall visibility of our global risk and exposures. This essentially means that we are moving to a better managed business model where we can hedge our risks properly, provide quality service to customers, and maintain focus on our core business.

    Prakash Narayanan
    Finance Accounting Manager

  • Our selection of Eka was based on the product’s adaptability across a wide range of operational requirements worldwide. In addition, Eka.Agriculture offers a flexible and scalable architecture that can grow as our needs expand.”

    Chief Information Officer

  • In order to meet our growth targets it is essential that we deploy a system which is fit for purpose, easy to use and flexible. Our challenge was to find the right product platform and partner for the next phase of our growth. We were not only impressed by the EKA product, but also by their people. They demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge of the grain business and a willingness to work with us to meet our objectives.

    Sam Tainsh
    General Manager Marketing

  • Over the last few years the Noble Group has been working closely with Eka on the development and implementation of strategic solutions to assist in the management and trading of Aluminum, Cotton and Coffee products for the group on a global basis. Noble sees the benefit of the long term partnership as the various systems come online between 2009/ 2010-11. Noble expect that the Eka system will provide our business with capabilities and information that will allow us to be more competitive in the markets for these key commodities.

    Matt Smith
    CIO - APAC
    Noble Group

  • We are an organization that sets high targets and standards and this is reflected in our volume growth which has been constant since inception in 1987. So for a leading metal buyer like us, Eka offers a technologically and functionally superior, out-of-the-box offering. It would help us go-live fast while streamlining all our business processes – easily import physical trade and delivery information from our ERP, have the necessary LME and Forex functionality, bring visibility on price risk, positions, P&L and exposures, meet hedge accounting requirements, and then provide dashboard and analytical capabilities to assist in decision making and analysis. Eka is a company we are happy to partner with. We are confident that with their product, our operations will have the necessary support for our long term growth needs.

    Oman Cable Industries

  • Eka is the only solution in the market that will truly and comprehensively meet the requirements of a physical trader like ourselves. It will cover all aspects of our business, including contract management, physical mark-to-market and P&L, cost of goods calculations, LME functionality, invoicing, as well as cargo storage and movement. This, coupled with a highly professional and customer centric engagement, ensured Eka’s place as the preferred partner for our long term IT needs.

    Republic House AG


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Customer - Speak
We determined that Eka offered the best overall value for CBH, because of its experience in grains, and its knowledge of physical trading. Read more.

Brian Mumme
General Manager
CBH Grains

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