Energy Trading and Risk Management Platform

Manage Volatility and Scheduling in the Energy Markets

Energy trading platform

Unprecedented volatility in energy prices, complex supply chains, and evolving regulatory requirements are key challenges faced by energy companies. Sudden swings in energy prices impair forecasts and negatively impact bottom lines. Complying with government and regulatory requirements such as Dodd-Frank is an increasingly important part of risk management and corporate governance initiatives.

Due to growing global consumption needs and the emergence of shale gas and oil in the US markets, the volatility and complexity of the energy markets are a major concern for energy market participants.

The Eka Advantage for Energy Trading and Risk

  • Capture physical contracts with complex pricing features such as crack spreads, spark spreads, and formula-based deals
  • Manage exchange, over-the-counter (OTC), foreign exchange (FX), and interest rate (IR) derivatives
  • Track transportation deals, even when receipt and delivery are on different dates
  • Gain real-time demand, supply, and P&L visibility across physicals and derivatives to identify exposures
  • View real-time P&L throughout the day (flash P&L)

Leading Energy Smart Commodity Management Solution

Eka's InSight CM platform for energy products is a fully integrated multi-commodity Smart Commodity Management software platform for crude and refined products, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), liquefied natural gas (LNG), power, coal, and biofuels covering all aspects of a transaction lifecycle including trading, risk management, processing, scheduling, logistics, and accounting. Eka’s InSight CM platform provides greater control over trading, risk management, and the supply chain of energy businesses than first-generation ETRM platforms. Eka’s advanced analysis and reporting module gives energy companies a competitive advantage.

Energy trading platform

Eka’s Energy Solutions


InSight CM - Oil manages the entire lifecycle of crude and refined products including purchase, refining, blending, storage, transportation, sales, distribution, and trading. With the software, energy companies can track and manage refining, blending, and supplies.

Natural Gas

InSight CM - Natural Gas manages the entire lifecycle of natural gas including transaction capture, scheduling, confirmations, operations, risk management, credit, and settlement. The software supports complex scheduling using real-time balance, capacity, and transportation cost data.


InSight CM - Power is a comprehensive solution for power trading, managing the entire lifecycle from transaction capture through confirmations, operations, risk management, credit, and settlement. Transaction data is automatically reflected in downstream processes.


InSight CM - Coal manages the full coal supply chain lifecycle. The software helps energy suppliers manage delivered product quality based on quality analysis reports, contract pricing penalties, and contract pricing rejections.


Marketers, consumers, and producers of biofuels use InSight CM - Biofuels to manage requirements when converting agriculture products to energy. Eka’s Smart Commodity Management platform, InSight CM, covers the procurement of raw material (such as sugar and corn), transportation and storage, price risk management with futures and options, mark-to-market P&L, as well as sales and distribution of the finished product.

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