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CTRM software

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CTRM software

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Commodity analytics

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Next-Gen ETRM & CTRM Software

Commodity Analytics Cloud

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Commodity analytics

InSight CM


Commodity Trading and Risk Management software

Make better trade decisions with the InSight CM software platform to manage complex trades and movements of multiple commodities including agriculture, manufacturing, metals, and energy.

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Raw Material Procurement

CTRM software

Manage volatility in commodity, energy, and packaging costs. Capture, analyze, and manage demand, budgets, forecasts, position, coverage, procurement, and hedging.

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Risk &

ETRM software compliance

Manage risk and meet regulatory compliance requirements in volatile, complex, global operations across multiple commodities including agriculture, manufacturing, metals, and energy.

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Supply Chain & Operations

CTRM software

Manage complex scheduling and logistics to drive greater effectiveness and efficiency. Use multiple modes of transportation. Gain real-time data and analytics to maximize profits.

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Bulk handling

Maximize throughput with bulk stock management, process management, task execution, and business intelligence for mining operations, grain facilities, and port terminals for all types of commodities.

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Eka announces strategic partnership with GlobalView

Eka Software Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with GlobalView

Eka’s Commodity Analytics Cloud platform seamlessly incorporates data from multiple sources including ETRM, CTRM, ERP, CRM, spreadsheets, market curves, weather data, IoT sensors, and unstructured data such as social media.

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Eka announces new shelf life and quality control module for the dairy supply chain

Eka Software Solutions Announces New Shelf Life and Quality Control Module for the Dairy Supply Chain

Next-generation CTRM software provides enhanced functionality to track expiration dates and quality attributes of dairy products.

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CTRM software

Eka Software Wins Award for Excellence in Commodity Logistics

Commodities Now magazine recognizes Eka in their annual Commodity Business Awards.

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ENMAX Corporation selects Eka’s next-generation ETRM software to manage operations in power, natural gas, and renewables

ENMAX Corporation Selects Eka’s Next-Generation ETRM Software to Manage Operations in Power, Natural Gas, and Renewables

Energy leader requires an advanced, multi-commodity energy trading and risk management software solution to manage its operations.

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Eastern Alloys selects Eka's next-gen CTRM software

Eastern Alloys Selects Eka's Next-Generation CTRM Software to Manage its Metals Manufacturing Operations

Leading metals company to deploy the most advanced commodity management solution for the processing of scrap metal into ingots.

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