Modernize workflows from farm to fork

Our Digital Agriculture Platform now enables you to extend beyond trading into origination, supply chain, and F&B retail in a way you’ve never seen before.
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Connected solutions to manage your entire value chain.

Do more for your farmers by empowering them to grow more with less and earn preferred supplier status.

Focus on profits and leave the rest to Eka – from spreadsheets to contracts, P&L to positions, trading and risk to inventory.

Bring the power of automation and 3D modeling to control all aspects of the supply chain, from silos to shipping to delivery.


Protect profit and manage risk better by analyzing budgets, forecasts, procurement, hedging and what-if scenarios.

Why Eka?

Expert Commodity Suite

Intelligent Data Connectors

On Cloud Platform

Fast Implementation

Extensible CM Platform


Do more for your farmers to earn preferred supplier status.

Use cases

Improve farmer loyalty

Add intelligence to improve crop yield, automate repetitive manual processes, and serve them effectively from delivery to payment.


Eka Connect + Eka Source

Boost efficiency of upstream management

Help the farmers manage logistics and quality sifting easily with software that does the heavy lifting, from farm to silo and port.

Increase crop yield and reduce costs

Identify crop diseases, forecast yields for upcoming harvest season, and plan for optimum yield results.


Eka Source

Trading & Risk

We know you need to focus on the big task of tying supply and demand to move markets. So we designed Eka TRM to carry the load on everything else – from spreadsheets to contracts, P&L to positions and risk management to inventory tracking.

Use cases

Enable origination workflows

Capture, split and automate tickets, from purchases to silos. Integrate farmer owned storage seamlessly with origination workflows. Automate complex settlements and levy collections with rule engines.


Eka TRM + Origination

Simplify contract life cycle management

Arrive at the best price margin for trades factoring in complexities of route and costing. One comprehensive solution to manage various contracts, pricing, estimates, accruals, invoices and payments.



Get a 360 degree view of risk

Respond to market changes with speed and confidence. Manage risk and credit exposure with all counterparties proactively, with enhanced visibility and a 360-degree view powered by Eka Trading & Risk solution.

Unify derivative management globally

Break every silo in trading operations by integrating all workflows. Get a single point system to connect with all relevant external exchange. Manage exposure better by linking physical with derivative trading.


Eka TRM + VaR (App)

Bring speed and accuracy to position and P&L management

Consolidate data from disparate systems and simulate multiple scenarios and choose the best course of action. Automate complicated calculations in minutes to increase accuracy and free up resources.

Supply Chain & Operations

Bring the power of automation and modeling to see and control every aspect of the supply chain, from silos to sites. Drive operational efficiency through planning, automating and controlling end to end workflows from silos to shipping and delivery.

Use cases

Real time tracking and management

Stay tuned to logistics and operations across multiple sites. Maximize throughput with accurate quality management in all bulk handling touchpoints with high-accuracy 3D modeling of equipment and storage, from stockpiles to vertical silos.

Automation enabled stockyard operations

Swing with the market by flexing your stockyard to scenarios with minimal human touch. Optimize stacking and reclaiming processes and increase throughput by controlling operations remotely across multiple sites with connected software.


Eka Control Systems

Track every cost from delay to demurrage

Connect all aspects of operations, from penalties to delay costs in one portal. Get a view into all relevant costs at one place with automation of cost tracking. Stay on guard by linking contracts to cost tracking and reporting.




Protect profit margins when dealing with volatile prices in raw materials. Make better risk-aware decisions by analyzing physical trades, procurement, logistics, bulk handling, processing, and enterprise risk across all agri-commodities, while ensuring compliance.

Use cases

Full visibility of risk and exposure

Stay on top of position and P&L when procuring locally and globally. View impact on risk with sudden market movements and potential trades. Control counterparty risks and potential credit incidents before they occur.

Track coverage and manage spend better

Track planned vs actual spend proactively by simulating multiple parameters like price, coverage, and change in forecasted demand. Define risk limit policies against position, P&L, and VaR, with alert notifications for user groups.

Meet compliance requirements

Integrate all workflows to ensure a wide range of regulatory reporting compliance including EMIR, CFTC, MiFiD, ICE, MAR. Meet different obligations, based on regulators, geography, commodity or asset class.


Compliance (App)