Modern CTRM Platform for Trading Sugar

Handle unique aspects of trading Sugar in complex, global markets with Eka’s comprehensive and modern CTRM platform.

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Trading Sugar Involves

Mapping Weather

Responding to fast-changing dynamics of sugar trading owing to weather changes and crop failures

Volatile Prices

Accounting for supply and demand imbalances owing to extreme volatility in sugar prices on world markets

Raw-White Arbitrage

Keeping an eye out for the dynamics between raw and refined sugar that plays into the commodity’s price

Why Eka?

One Platform, One View

Capture all information throughout the sugar trading value chain, including storage, scheduling and transportation

Real-time Insights

Gain real-time data in any trading environment any time of the day and respond to sudden market movements with speed

Faster Decisions

Respond to any market opportunity instantly by leveraging insights across position, P&L and risk to spot opportunities, while reducing risk

Apps For Trading and Risk

Physical Trades

Get end-to-end coverage from upstream and pricing to contracts specific to your market. Make decisions on time with a complete view of position, exposure and on-demand P&L.

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Derivative Trades

Get end-to-end management of exchange traded and over the counter financial contracts in one system for hedging and speculation.

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Get real-time analysis of the potential impact of dynamic market prices. Analyze historical changes in P&L to spot trends and track performance by trader, books, and commodity.

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Stay on top of complex scheduling from upstream to downstream and drive more efficiency by tracking and optimizing movements across multiple modes of transport – pipeline, truck, rail, barge, and vessels.

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Spot opportunities, mitigate risks and arrive at a single point of truth of your overall exposure. Stay up-to-date on position exposure for physicals, derivatives and FX trades.

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Manage large volumes of transactions while ensuring high system performance. Benefit from tracking cost components throughout the entire supply chain.

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Seamlessly Integrate with External Systems

Instant Integrations


Connect any system, exchange, market feeds, and everything in between, instantly with open APIs and in-built connectors ready for integration.

Who Uses Eka?

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