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Eka Analytics is not a small leap forward in product innovation, but a generational shift in capability and value to all commodity business users and consumers of commodities including originators, traders, manufacturers, retailers, and utilities.

PnL analysis Procurement analysis Risk analysis Supply chain analysis

Benefits of Eka Analytics:


All the data you need in one place

Like most companies, you probably have lots of data in different systems (ERP, treasury, CRM, spreadsheets). Bring it all together.


Get answers to the questions that are important to you.

Prebuilt high-value apps available or create your own apps on demand.

Commodity Analytics Cloud

Gain previously unavailable insights into key business areas.


For traders

Explore data from multiple sources, discover new insights, and increase profits.

For procurement professionals

Bring together large volumes of disparate information from systems such as ERP and spreadsheets to run analyses and gain answers immediately.

For risk managers

Discover and investigate hidden risks faster and more effectively.

For analysts

Leverage multiple, complex algorithms and predictive models at a fraction of the time and effort.

For supply chain/logistics managers

Use advanced visualization and statistical optimization to make the best scheduling decisions and improve collaboration within your team.

For IT specialists

Quickly and easily respond to user requests for custom analytics.

For back office personnel

Analyze metrics to improve financial operations including confirmations, invoices, cash, and settlement.

For executives

Monitor all key performance metrics across the business and identify potential issues before they become problems.

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