Emissions Hedging

Clear the air

Hedge COexposure and mitigate environmental compliance risk with real-time visibility into your carbon portfolio. Comprehensive insights help you make the right hedging decisions.

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CO2 position, emissions hedging
emissions hedging CO2 position

View CO2 position

View your current and future CO2 positions vis-à-vis prescribed cap limits over a specific period of time, evaluating registry and inventory or stock details.

Buy or hedge extra allowances

Mitigate COexposure by buying or hedging extra allowances with better visibility into COpositions at aggregated and detailed levels.
emissions hedging
emissions hedging swap right

Swap right

Make the right swapping decisions based on current market price trends such as CER, EUA, and more.


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Risk Limits
value at risk (VaR)
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Credit Risk
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Risk & Monitoring