The Analytics Revolution

Learn how commodities companies can rely on advanced data analytics to stay competitive in today's environment of severe commodity price volatility, changing global economies, and extreme weather events.

ERP and CTRM Systems: A Comparison

It's tempting to think that ERP can be adapted to manage commodities. Read this article to learn why the fundamental differences of commodity pricing make ERP an unacceptable solution for managing commodities.

The Four Reasons Miners Need Advanced Analytics

For more and more commodities businesses, advanced analytics turn the massive amounts of data now available into valuable insights. Learn the four important ways modern analytics enables mining organizations to succeed.

Using Agricultural Commodity Analytics Software to Address Complexity

Transaction based CTRM software solutions are no longer sufficient for agricultural companies to stay profitable. Instead, these companies need advanced analytics solutions.

The Case for Cloud Based Analytics Solutions at Commodities Companies

Today's businesses require web based solutions that enable users to access analytics from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device; cloud based solutions readily provide this.

How to Solve the Stockyard Optimisation Trilemma

Operations at a stockyard are unique, complex, and dynamic. Efficiencies, or the lack thereof, at this critical stage can make an enormous difference to a company's bottom line. Learn how the correct system can optimise stockyard operations.

Supporting the Supply Chain

Many changes are occuring in the LNG market. In this environment of constantly changing market conditions, software that provides the best decision support will enable companies to thrive.

Winter is Coming

Learn how data analytics supports Big Data and how agricultural companies can thrive in an environment of extreme weather events.

Will the Polar Vortex Make an Unwelcome Comeback?

Extreme weather events that were previously regarded as once-in-a-lifetime events are increasingly becoming more common.

Real-Time Stockyard Optimisation

Learn some of the recent technological breakthroughs to solve the decades-long and costly 'short term scheduling problem' of the mine-to-ship supply chain.

The Age of Extremes

Learn how the use of predictive analytics enables utilities to better manage in an environement of extreme weather events such as the polar vortex in 2014.

Analytics for Every Level of Business

Learn how Eka's advanced analytics solution, Commodity Analytics Cloud, enables managers, specialists, and executives to gain answers to their most critical questions quickly.

Feel the Power of Big Data

Businesses that deal in physical commodities, such as oil and gas, have a big opportunity to harness their data using advanced commodity analytics solutions.

The Driving Need for Analytics in a Big Data World

Gain insights into the need for analytics in commodity management software and why the commodities industry has always been a big data business.

Smart Commodity Management from Eka

Learn some of the industry trends that have led to the development of Smart Commodity Management and how Eka is working to meet the future needs of commodity market participants.

Avoid the Grind: Managing Coffee Price Differentials

Learn why coffee market participants need agricultural commodity trading software that includes advanced analytics and real-time decision support tools to track positions and price differentials.

Precision for Profit

Learn how advanced 3D deposition modelling is transforming stockpile management and removing uncertainty in the supply chain.

Eka: The Global Leader in Smart Commodity Management

Learn how Eka's commodity management software platform, InSight CM®, provides the analytics and decision support tools needed by companies that manage commodities.

Metals: A Vital Balancing Act

Mining, smelting and refining all have their own idiosyncrasies but one crucial common component is the importance of an accurate metal balance across these business areas.

Better Decisions from Big Data

Explore how big data can help the oil and natural gas sector with the help of next-generation ETRM software.

Time to Adopt New Technology

Coffee and cocoa markets require next-generation CTRM software to gain real-time information for enhanced decision-making.

A Bright Future for Bulk Product Commodity Management Solutions

Learn how next-generation CTRM software are reshaping the future of the bulk handling industry, turning challenges into opportunities.

Eka Hires Mr. Wah Chu for Key Customer Facing Executive Role

Hot on the heels of news that Peter Armstrong had joined the board, Eka adds the new role of Vice President, Global Services and Support.

The Intricacies of Handling Grain

In the future, it is likely the receival process at bulk handling sites that handle grain will become almost completely automated. Read this article to learn what the grain bulk handling site of the future will look like.

The Information Olympics

Break the spreadsheet habit and replace your obsolete tools. Learn eight ways that Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) will make your business fit to compete.

The Future is Automation

Automation will be central to bulk handling sites in coping with increasing volumes. Learn how this trend will affect grain handling sites of the future.

Peter Armstrong Joins Eka's Board of Directors

Learn why Peter Armstrong, Triple Point Technology's Founder and former CEO, has joined Eka's board of directors in this Commodity Technology Advisory interview of Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka, and Peter Armstrong.

8 Ways Commodity Management Will Make Your Business Fit to Compete

Swap your spreadsheets for a Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution that will make your business a competitive force.

Will Eka Succeed Triple Point at the Top of the CM Market?

With the hiring of some of Triple Point Technology's "chief pilots," Eka could quickly take off.

Is Your Commodity Value Chain Smart?

Everyone is talking about Big Data these days, but commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) has always been a big data business – long before the term became fashionable.

Stirring the Pot:
the North American Energy Revolution

North America's energy revolution requires next-generation ETRM software to manage technological advancements, particularly in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

Are You Making the Most of Your Supply Chain Data?

Commodity trading creates thousands of individual data points requiring next-generation ETRM and CTRM software to help make better decisions.

New Trends in Commodity Management

Guy Isherwood from Commodities-Now speaks with Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka Software Solutions, a leader in Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software, for his takeouts on this evolving marketplace.

Commodity Management:
the Vital Investment for Modern Manufacturing

Why are manufacturers, with a large exposure to commodity volatility, still sending their people out into the markets without next-generation CTRM software?

Maximising the Oil and Gas Supply Chain with Big Data

Everyone is talking about Big Data these days: how to capture it; how to manage it; how to store it; how to use it. How can next-generation ETRM software benefit businesses?

Big Data. Big Opportunity.

The world has changed. KPIs and static graphs are great - but they are not enough. Next-generation ETRM software allows businesses to embrace Big Data when managing commodities.

Bringing the "Smarts" to Commodity Management

CIOReview profiles Eka as "Company of the Year" for Enterprise Software, and describes how Eka sees the Commodity Management industry changing, and how Eka is meeting these challenges.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Risk is something any business, particularly those involved with biofuels, contends with every day. How can next-generation CTRM and ETRM software minimize the impact?

Why Software Products are the Next Big Thing

Fortune India highlights several software companies and their founders, including next-generation CTRM software leader Eka Software Solutions and Eka's CEO, Manav Garg.

Supply Chain Knowledge = Commercial Power

The past decade has seen a soaring global demand for physical commodities, such as food and fuel. As the world’s population grows, next-generation CTRM software will help fulfill these needs.

Energy Trading Software

Commodities-Now describes how Eka is shaking up the ETRM software market.

Matrix Loads Up to Take on the World

MatrixGroup (acquired by Eka in 2013) is described as a "Silent Achiever" in this article describing the beginnings of this bulk handling software success story.

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