Automated Weighbridges

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Automated weighbridgesVideoAutomated weighbridges

As production needs increase in agriculture and mining, bulk handling sites need to find ways to optimize operations and resources, both people and equipment. To remain competitive, bulk handling sites should automate the receival process at sites using software to efficiently automate the weighing function at a site's weighbridges or truck scales.

The Eka Advantage for Automated Weighbridges

  • Automate the receival process at bulk handling sites
  • Free up resources with automated weighbridges
  • Maximize throughput by getting more trucks through the receival process faster
  • Verify truck types accurately with camera technology at truck scales

Leading Solution for Automated Weighbridges

With InSight CM® - Smart Scales, the truck weighing function at bulk handling sites becomes automated and weighbridges become unmanned, which frees up resources to use at other locations at the site. Using smartphones or RFID to communicate with and track drivers as they travel throughout the site, and camera technology to accurately get a reading of the number of axles and weight of a truck, the software eliminates the need for hardware that is otherwise required to run the weighbridge.

Automated weighbridges

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