Automation Control Software

Increase Throughput with a Real-Time, Graphical View of Site Assets

Automation control software

To maximize efficiencies, bulk handling sites that process agriculture and mining products require real-time visibility into equipment and inventories. Site operators need to optimize resources, both equipment and people, to maximize revenue. By automating process decisions with automation control software, site operators increase throughput.

The Eka Advantage for Automation Control

  • Maximize throughput or minimize power requirements by selecting the most advantageous routes based on a variety of factors
  • Free up resources through the use of automated weighbridges and automated sampling
  • Track movements efficiently to gain insight into all operations across a site
  • Gain real-time visibility into stock on hand as well as what’s scheduled to go out
  • Optimize production with automatic equipment starts and stops

Leading Automation Control Software Solution

InSight CM® - Site Automation Control is a dynamic site management and control system that includes high level process planning, scheduling, task execution, and material tracking. With InSight CM - Site Automation Control, increased throughput is achieved by optimizing equipment control; for example, machinery is turned off when it is not required, resulting in power savings. Site operators graphically see all assets and effectively plan receival, transfer, and loading tasks.

Automation control software

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