Commodity Software for Biofuels

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Commodity software for biofuels

Companies involved in the production of biofuels, including purchase, storage, transportation, sales, and distribution, require a flexible next-generation CTRM software platform to manage the entire lifecycle of biofuels. Highly effective tools to track cargo, whether it’s being transported in solid or liquid form, are needed by biofuels producers and refineries.

The Eka Advantage for Biofuels

  • Create grades and subgrades of both raw material and finished product and view open positions
  • Use conversion tracking to compare the input and output compositions and quantities
  • Track commodity movement across multiple modes of transportation
  • Understand true P&L that includes delivery and storage costs, weight and quality adjustments, plus other secondary costs
  • Track assignment, purchase, sale, exchange, separation, and retirement of renewable identification numbers (RINs)

Leading Solution for Next-Generation CTRM

Eka’s advanced platform is fully configured to manage the requirements of marketers, consumers, and producers of biofuels. Eka’s Smart Commodity Management platform, InSight CM® - Biofuels, covers the procurement of raw material (such as sugar and corn), transportation and storage, price risk management with futures and options, mark-to-market P&L, as well as sales and distribution of the finished product.

Transport by truck, rail, barge, or vessel are all supported. Mark-to-market calculations for purchases, sales, and inventory, for both the raw material and finished product, are provided for risk management. The next-generation CTRM platform also provides conversion tracking to compare the input composition and quantity of the raw material used to create the product with the output composition and quantity of the resulting biofuel product.

Commodity software for biofuels

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