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Jun 12, 2019

Connected Commodity Solutions for Managing Procurement Risk

Managing risk is one of the most crucial and complex challenges commodity market participants face. Whether you are a commodity manager, procurement director or risk manager at a food manufacturing company, a global risk manager for agriculture, or a VP of procurement of a milling company, the challenges are the same. Most risk analysis today is manual and often includes only data from one system. Creating a complete picture of risk requires evaluating data from multiple systems and sources – both internal and external to the organization – including CTRM/ETRM, ERP, spreadsheets, market feeds and more.


Eka’s procurement risk solution suite enables instant, intelligent and interactive risk insights. The comprehensive solution manages complex physical pricing and hedging; tracks position, coverages and spend; and analyzes value at risk (VaR) across a multi-commodity portfolio – including grains, softs, packaging, flavoring, fresh and frozen foods.