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Jul 13, 2019

CTRM For Agriculture

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  • Analyze P&L attribution in seconds with 99% accuracy
  • Limit exposure by seamlessly linking physical and derivative trading
  • Consolidate data from disparate systems to gain an accurate, real-time view of position
  • Better manage risk and credit exposure with all counterparties

Why Eka?

The only trading platform you need, to win in dynamic commodity markets

Faster Decision Making

  • Embedded machine learning algorithms from disease management to yield forecast.
  • Converts data from IoT sensors, weather feeds, drones & more for actionable insights.
  • Automated workflows to work as one with suppliers and farmers at source.



Faster Adoption

  • Make faster data entries and customer forms with NLP driven voice commands – fast, user friendly and effective.
  • Industry specific, pre-built workflows tailored to varied complexities of different markets across asset classes.
  • Adapt to any change as they happen with on demand, self-serve reporting, delivered in minutes.

Faster Go Live

  • Easy integrations with flexible configurations with APIs to connect enterprise systems from SAP, Oracle, Netsuite and Workday to Salesforce.
  • Solve high value business issues by adding new functionalities anytime you want in days with pre-built apps.

Learn how Renewable Energy Group reduced its reporting time from four days to under an hour with Eka’s Position and Mark to Market app.


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