EKA > Modern ETRM for Crude Oil and Refined Products
Oct 03, 2019

Modern ETRM for Crude Oil and Refined Products

Eka’s ETRM Platform for Crude and Refined Products provides businesses a comprehensive solution to support front-to-back-office workflows, physical and financial deal capture, risk position reporting, logistics, settlement and accounting.


Key Features:


  • Captures all pricing and necessary cost components to accurately calculate settlement, including transportation, demurrage, product re-grades, logistics costs and differentials
  • Delivers an aggregated, real-time weighted or volumetric and financial view of positions and risk in a single system
  • Utilizes real-time reporting to optimize inventory management
  • Advanced Physical Trade capture helps save valuable time and significantly improves efficiency in contract management
  • Captures simple and complex pricing configurations along with premium or discount matrix for a trade