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Feb 06, 2020

One Platform Infinite Power

Addressing Commodity Market Challenges with Digitalization-Featured

Eka’s Commodity Management Platform was built on a foundation of automated workflows that integrate advanced analytics, persona-based discovery boards and seamless integration of data with connectors from a myriad of sources that support the business of trading and risk, supply chain and financial management.

We support a broad set of asset classes with specific solutions that are supported by over 50 applications in the Eka App Store.



  • Faster, easier compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reduced risk and faster trading activities
  • Optimized logistics with fewer supply chain disruptions
  • Integrated systems with all data hosted on one platform
  • Real-time position information to eliminate manual reconciliation efforts
  • Better management of complex pricing for improved decision making
  • Broadest set of asset classes in support of Energy, Agriculture, Metals, Mining for Trading and Risk, Financial Management and Digital Supply Chain

Trusted by the World’s Leading Commodity Traders

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