3D Anti Collision Bulk Handling Software

Maximize the Use of Existing Equipment

Without the ability to view mobile machines and structures in 3D, bulk handling facilities are restricted in the use of equipment. These sites require systems to provide positional awareness of mobile machines and structures. Bulk handling software maximizes the use of equipment, enabling machines to work closer together while still preventing collisions.

The Eka Advantage for Collision Prevention

  • Gain a real-time view of your site with full 3D anti-collision protection-based on CAD and survey data
  • Leverage 3D models of machines to allow safe passing and smart relocations, maximizing productivity
  • Allow adjacent machines to safely operate together — optimize working protection distances without compromising anti-collision system integrity
  • Prevent costly collisions by defining specific exclusion zones anywhere in the yard to protect equipment or work areas
  • Avoid both machine-to-machine and machine-to-fixed object collisions
  • Use with InSight CM® - 3D Stockpile Manager to gain a 3D, real-time view of all machines and stockpiles at a site, including quality information

Leading Bulk Handling Software Solution

InSight CM - 3D Anti Collision uses 3D modeling of mobile machines and structures to provide positional awareness for protection and optimization of equipment movements. The software protects mobile machines from potentially hazardous interactions with other mobile machines and structures at a terminal.

Collision Avoidance

InSight CM - CAS can also be used with InSight CM - 3D Anti Collision to dictate what happens in those situations where there is potential for a collision. A series of rules is set up that specifies how extractions between mobile machines and structures are accomplished. This allows adjacent machines to safely operate together, optimizing protection.

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