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Bulk handling facilities such as grain sites, port terminals, and mines are under constant pressure to increase throughput and to add value to stored or mined products. These facilities then use processes such as blending, milling, separating, crushing, or treating of products for optimal fulfilment of orders. Bulk handling facilities must continually work to both increase throughput and achieve exacting cargo requirements. Receival, transfer, and loading functions must become more efficient.

Eka’s InSight CM for bulk handling has proven results increasing throughput and reducing costs for bulk commodities. Eka’s solutions run some of the largest iron ore mines in the world and 95% of grain moving through ports in Australia uses Eka. 

”We were not only impressed by the Eka product, but also by their people. They demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge of the grain business and a willingness to work with us to meet our objectives.”

The Eka Advantage for Bulk Handling

  • Automate process decisions
  • Maximize throughput
  • Make better stacking and reclaiming decisions
  • Improve operational awareness and control with real-time product tracking and smart sequence control
  • Prevent contamination using advanced controls that do not allow mixing of incompatible products at any stage

Leading Solution for Bulk Handling

Eka's InSight CM® platform includes support for bulk stock management, process management, task execution, and business intelligence for the bulk handling industry including mining operations, grain facilities, and port terminals for all types of commodities. With Eka’s bulk handling software platform, physical assets (machinery, storage locations, ports, etc.) operate at maximum efficiency in the storage or movement of physical bulk commodities — providing the most throughput for the least amount of downtime and cost.

Bulk handling software

Eka’s Bulk Handling Solutions

3D Anti Collision

InSight CM - 3D Anti Collision uses 3D modeling of mobile machines and structures to provide positional awareness for protection and optimization of equipment movements. The software protects mobile machines from potentially hazardous interactions with other mobile machines and structures at a terminal.

3D Stockpile Manager

InSight CM - 3D Stockpile Manager provides a real-time 3D volumetric model of stockpiles for flexible machine control, quality analysis, and prediction. In addition to viewing past quality results, site operators can simulate future results when making stacking and reclaiming decisions.

Commodity Site Manager

InSight CM - Commodity Site Manager is a web-based portal for bulk stock management that provides complete visibility of all stock. The software gives decision makers the ability to monitor stock across an entire enterprise from the palm of their hand using a web interface and, if necessary, adjust and regrade the site stock levels.

Site Automation Control

InSight CM - Site Automation Control is a dynamic site management and control system that includes high level process planning, scheduling, task execution, and material tracking. Using the software, bulk handling sites can increase throughput by optimizing equipment control.

Smart Scales

With InSight CM - Smart Scales, the truck weighing function at bulk handling sites becomes automated and weighbridges become unmanned, which frees up resources to use at other locations at the site. Using smartphones or RFID to communicate with and track drivers as they travel throughout the site, and camera technology to accurately get a reading of the number of axles and weight of a truck, the software eliminates the need for hardware that is otherwise required to run the weighbridge.

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Bulk handling software

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