Bulk Stock Management

Manage Inventory and Track Stock Movements Throughout Bulk Handling Sites

Bulk stock management

Bulk handling sites are under tremendous pressure to increase throughput, grow revenues, and minimize downtime. As grain facilities, port terminals, and mining sites investigate methods to increase efficiencies, they will need to become more automated in how tasks are performed to maximize resources and throughput.

The Eka Advantage for Bulk Stock Management

  • Maintain accurate inventory, invoicing, and quality information by capturing all bulk movements in bulk handling systems in real-time
  • Monitor stock across an enterprise from the palm of your hand via the mobile web interface
  • Maximize profits for the site by determining situations where a lower quality commodity can be mixed with a higher quality commodity without adverse effects
  • Adjust and regrade site stock levels as needed
  • Gain comprehensive quality and sampling audit trails with calculated weighted averages

Leading Solution for Bulk Stock Management

InSight CM® - Commodity Site Manager is a web-based portal for bulk stock management that provides complete visibility of all stock. With InSight CM - Commodity Site Manager, site operators can define quality parameters for stock then raise orders for the movement of product, including billing information. The software gives decision makers the ability to monitor stock across an entire enterprise from the palm of their hand using a web interface and, if necessary, adjust and regrade the site stock levels.

Truck Booking

Used in conjunction with InSight CM - Commodity Site Manager, Eka's integrated truck booking system (InSight CM - Truck Booking) can be used to shorten queue times for incoming trucks. Suppliers can view what time slots are available in advance of shipment, and trucks coming from suppliers to the site to deliver product are assigned specific time slots. InSight CM - Truck Booking increases efficiency at the site, and helps maximize profits for site operators.

Bulk stock management software

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