EKA > Leading Grain Company Implements Eka CSM to Maximize Resources with Real-time Visibility
Jul 02, 2018

Leading Grain Company Implements Eka CSM to Maximize Resources with Real-time Visibility

Bulk handling sites that process agriculture products require real-time visibility into equipment and inventories to maximize efficiencies. They need to optimize resources, both equipment and people, to maximize revenue. With automation control software, site operators can increase throughput by automating process decisions.


A leading grain company was looking to standardize systems and knowledge within its operations team. It had outgrown its previous control and automation systems at each of its five ports and required an integrated solution to manage all process areas of the ports.


Business Challenge
The company was using disparate, bespoke systems at its different sites, making support difficult. Its domestic and export businesses were not integrated. The company’s legacy systems on older technologies were not robust enough for the company’s future growth. It relied on manual procedures that were inefficient and error-prone. As a result, company management was unhappy with visibility that the existing system provided on risk and position.


The Solution
The company implemented Eka CSM to maximize throughput. The solution frees up resources by using automated weighbridges and automated sampling and tracks movements to provide insight into all operations across a site. It provides real-time visibility into stock on hand as well as what’s scheduled to go out.


It also minimizes downtime by starting equipment from the source first and stopping equipment that has material in transit only when there is a fault. It provides automated switching of backup source and destination with timed empty belt reductions on hatch change, bench changes and other relocates.

Business Benefits
The company’s disparate, bespoke and difficult to support systems are now standardized on Eka. The standard platform across sites improves support and coordination, and the company is able to rationalize operator knowledge and PLC hardware across all sites.


The solution has eliminated the need to capture inventory and sampling information in Excel. It provides an interface to a corporate database, eliminating manual entries.


The company has successfully streamlined ports processes through complete integration. The management team has greater visibility into product tracking, leading to more efficient plant operations.