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Apr 12, 2019

Natural Gas Company Expands Operations with Eka

A leading multinational oil and gas company needed to automate processes and reduce manual reporting to keep up as they expanded their natural gas operations.


The company did not have a single system to manage trading and risk for its natural gas, NGL, and crude oil businesses. Relying on individual spreadsheets generated suboptimal decisions and controlling and maintaining data access was a challenge. The company chose Eka because of the power of its solution, strong local support, abundance of references, ease of use, and functionality.


Business Benefits:


  • Speed of decision making: The company has significantly decreased the amount of time spent creating reports, which enables the company to make better decisions faster to capitalize on opportunities and reduce risk more rapidly
  • Improved collaboration: With all commodities managed on one platform, everyone has access to the most current, accurate information at the same time, without requiring coordination between systems