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CTRM software

Petrochemicals and fertilizers are derived from energy and agriculture sources. Like all manufacturers, companies that produce petrochemicals and fertilizers face volatile commodity prices in raw materials such as oil, natural gas, coal, corn, and sugar cane.

The Eka Advantage for Chemicals & Fertilizers

  • Gain supply chain visibility of where the demand is and how to meet it
  • Manage all logistics with support for multiple modes of movement including truck, rail, vessel, and barge
  • Create effective hedging strategies that mitigate the effects of price volatility
  • Maintain comprehensive risk management on gross margin risk, basis risk, and foreign exchange (FX) exposure
  • Provide everyone in the organization with a real-time, transparent view of all positions and exposures

Leading Solution for Chemicals & Fertilizers

Eka’s next-generation CTRM software platform, InSight CM®, captures, analyzes, and manages demand, budgets, forecasts, coverage, procurement, and hedging while providing real-time scenario and intelligence capabilities to optimize decision making. Incorporating commodity risk management software into the supply chain gives companies that produce chemicals and fertilizers the competitive advantage to manage volatile raw material prices and to optimize profit margins.

Commodity trading for chemicals and fertilizers

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CTRM software

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