Eka Cloud Solutions

Transform Commodity Management and Reduce Costs with Secure, Cloud-based Software

Eka Cloud Solutions

Eka cloud solutions enable commodities companies to host Eka’s next-generation commodity management software in a fully-secure, virtual private cloud. Deployed in just weeks, they reduce IT capital and service costs while providing the flexibility needed to meet changing business requirements. 

Eka cloud solutions deliver the highest standards of security. All data is encrypted and uses HTTPS protocol. Field level security and role-based hierarchy controls guarantee only authorized users have access to permissioned data.

”We chose Eka because we needed to partner with a company that could provide sophisticated risk management functionality in a secure cloud model, and that had the experience to ensure a seamless implementation. The Eka team exceeded our expectations with a smooth, on-time, and on-budget deployment, and now we have the enterprise-wide visibility into exposure required to compete and operate as effectively as possible.”

Eka Cloud Advantages

  • Get up-and-running in weeks – not months – with a few simple steps
  • Ensure complete data protection with layered security, dedicated servers and dedicated firewalls
  • Reduce IT costs and total-cost-of-ownership
  • Adjust bandwidth as needed
  • Gain immediate access to new functionality

CTRM Cloud Solutions 

Eka’s cloud-based commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software manages physical trading, procurement, logistics, processing, and compliance for agriculture, metals, energy, and manufacturing companies. It improves decision-making and mitigates risk with advanced forecasting tools and intelligence capabilities. 

Eka’s CTRM cloud solution can be implemented in 10-16 weeks. It reduces costs and increases efficiency without sacrificing quality, and provides the same functionality as Eka’s award-winning on-premise CTRM software without the capital and resource investments associated with client-server deployments. 

ETRM Cloud Solutions 

Eka’s energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software for the cloud is a multi-commodity platform for crude and refined products, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), liquefied natural (LNG), power, coal, and biofuels. It covers all aspects of a transaction lifecycle including trading, risk management, processing, scheduling, logistics, and accounting. 

Eka’s next-generation ETRM cloud solution enables energy companies to gain a competitive edge by providing greater control over the energy supply chain. It provides the same advanced functionality as Eka’s on-premise ETRM software . 

Analytics Cloud Solutions 

To remain competitive in today’s complex and volatile markets, commodities companies need advanced analytics to make fact-based decisions as quickly as possible. With Eka Analytics, commodities companies can harness the data from internal and external applications to drive insights, optimize trading decisions and stay on top of market-moving events. This cloud-based analytics solution helps companies improve performance by providing answers to critical questions in an intuitive way that facilitates deeper inquiry.

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