Eka Cloud Solutions

All of Eka’s Smart Commodity Management Solutions Are Provided on Premise or Cloud-based.

Eka Cloud Solutions

Eka’s cloud solutions ensure data remains secure. Solutions are hosted in a virtual private cloud and configured with either a private or public subnet depending on customer requirements. All data is encrypted and uses HTTPS protocol. Field level security and role-based hierarchy controls guarantee only authorized users have access to permissioned data.

Eka Cloud Advantages

  • Fast
    • Setup in weeks, not months, with a few simple steps
  • Flexible
    • Adjust bandwidth as needed
  • Reduced IT costs
    • No new hardware required
    • Minimal cost for system upgrades
  • Disaster recovery protocols
    • Well-established systems and processes for recovery
    • Constantly updated technology
  • Security
    • Dedicated servers
    • Dedicated firewalls
    • Layered security
    • Audit logs
  • Eka dedicated customer support
    • DBA support available 24/7
    • Dedicated Eka customer support team on call 24/7

Servers reside in Eka Hosting Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) within a VPC subnet configured for each customer. Each is logically isolated from other VPC subnets and other non-Eka virtual networks.

Eka configures each customer VPC subnet in consultation with the customer’s IT department, selecting its IP address range, subnets, route tables, network gateways and security settings to ensure data and application security. The VPC subnet will effectively be a virtual extension of the customer’s corporate network and can be configured just like a segment in the customer’s corporate network.

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