Drive Transformation with a Commodity-first,
Cloud-native Solution.

Eka provides cloud-native CTRM solutions for commodity businesses who want to be future ready. Our CTRM apps require no fine tuning and built to function seamlessly in the cloud on a robust foundation of enterprise-grade security, compliance and data encryption.


Why Eka Cloud?

The only commodity-first, cloud-native platform built with enterprise-grade security

Lower and Predictable Costs

  • No upfront capital investment in perpetual licenses and hardware.
  • Reduced spending on compute, storage, networking, and security.
  • Reduction in cost related to operations, personnel, maintenance and upgrades.
  • Benefit from predictable costs even as you scale with accurate budgeting.


Speed and Scalability

  • Faster implementation with upgrades that are seamless, scheduled and quick.
  • Scale up and down as needed while adding more functionalities and users quickly and easily with near unlimited scalability.
  • Faster data recovery and backup.
  • Accessible by businesses anytime, anywhere.

Security and Regulatory

  • Control and authorize data access with field level security and role-based hierarchy.
  • Ensure data integrity on-the-wire with enhanced security controls and authentication protocols (OAuth 2), and data encryption.
  • Advanced anti-hacking and system penetration controls.
  • Compliant with global security requirements for audits and regulations including GDPR.


  • Easy and quick upgrade, ensuring the latest technology is always available to users.
  • Eka’s cloud-based apps come equipped with rich APIs and web services making third-party application integration and deployment seamless.
  • Seamless third-party application integration and deployment with apps that come equipped with open APIs.

Read the white paper to learn more about leveraging benefits of cloud computing for trading operations.



Cloud Security Whitepaper

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