Commodity Procurement Software for Food and Beverage Companies

Manage Commodity Planning, Coverage, and Risk

Commodity management software for food and beverage companies

Food and beverage companies that use commodities and raw materials to produce finished goods face increasing challenges around price volatility of commodities including agri-commodities, metals, and energy. To protect profit margins when dealing with volatile prices in raw materials, food and beverage companies can better manage risk with next-generation CTRM software.

"Eka provides the most functional depth across origination, trading, supply chain, container and vessel operations, and risk management and has seamless integration with our MS NAV ERP, making it the right choice for Providence Grain."

Commodity management software for food and beverage companies

Leading Commodity Procurement Solution

Eka’s Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM®, captures, analyzes, and manages demand, budgets, forecasts, coverage, procurement, and hedging while providing real-time scenario and intelligence capabilities to optimize decision making. InSight CM is available in cloud or on premise, delivering the functionality, access, and security to fit your requirements. 

Eka’s Solutions for Food and Beverage Companies

Commodity Planning & Procurement

Food and beverage companies can use InSight CM - Commodity Planning & Procurement (CPP) for integrated commodity planning that includes the procurement of commodities, energy, and packaging. The software platform includes advanced analytics and decision support tools for improved management of risks and exposures, and is suitable for both local and global sourcing and distribution.


Use InSight CM - Agriculture to capture, analyze, and manage physical trading, procurement, logistics, bulk handling, processing, enterprise risk, and compliance across all agri-commodities. With user-controlled, predictive analytics, food and beverage companies make better risk-aware decisions.


Eka's InSight CM platform for energy products is a fully integrated multi-commodity Smart Commodity Management software platform for crude and refined products, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), liquefied natural gas (LNG), power, coal, and biofuels covering all aspects of a transaction lifecycle including trading, risk management, processing, scheduling, logistics, and accounting. With advanced analysis and reporting, the software provides greater control over energy procurement and risk management to run facilities and fleets at a lower cost than first-generation ETRM platforms.


InSight CM - Metals is a comprehensive solution for managing physical trading, position, P&L, derivatives, risk, logistics, and finance across base metals, ferro alloys, steel, and scrap. The software helps food and beverage companies manage the complexities and risk of metals contained in packaging by providing a seamless flow of information from physical contract management to logistics, assay management, pricing, hedging, risk management, invoicing, and associated reporting.

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