Commodity Management Software for Trading Coal

Manage the Complete Transaction Lifecycle of Coal

Commodity management software for trading coal

There are several variables that affect the price of coal including regulatory restrictions and reserve depletion. The price is also affected during the supply chain lifecycle by product, grade, quality, and derivatives. Producers, transporters, blenders, marketers, and consumers of coal can benefit from the use of Commodity Management software for coal trading to manage price risks.

Commodity management software for trading coal

Leading Smart Commodity Management Solution for Coal


InSight CM® - Coal is a comprehensive solution for the coal supply chain, managing the entire lifecycle from purchase to storage, transportation, sales, and distribution. The next-generation ETRM software supports everything coal suppliers need to track including physical contract management and execution, grades and qualities, penalties, rejections, risk management, transportation types, and physical cargo storage and distribution.

Bulk Handling

InSight CM includes support for bulk stock management, process management, task execution, and business intelligence for grain facilities and port terminals for all types of agri-commodities. With Eka’s bulk handling software, physical assets (including machinery, storage locations, and ports) operate at maximum efficiency in the storage and movement of agricultural bulk commodities — providing the most throughput for the least amount of downtime and cost.

Eka's bulk handling solutions for coal include:


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