Commodity Procurement Solution

Manage Commodity Planning, Coverage, and Risk

Commodity procurement solution

Unprecedented volatility in commodity, energy, and packaging costs along with evolving regulatory requirements are key challenges faced by food and beverage, consumer products (CP), and industrial manufacturing companies. Volatility of input costs can adversely affect cost structures and forecasts, putting significant pressure on profit margins and management.

"We need a robust grain management system that provides one version of the truth to improve management reporting, automate processes, increase efficiency and support our continued growth. Eka provides the most functional depth across origination, trading, supply chain, container and vessel operations, and risk management and has seamless integration with our MS NAV ERP, making it the right choice for Providence Grain."

The Eka Advantage for Commodity Procurement

  • Choose Eka's InSight CM Cloud for 24-hour/day access from any mobile device
  • Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets and replace with an enterprise system
  • Consolidate commodity planning, forecasting, actuals, and coverage
  • View coverage in real-time with daily mark-to-market
  • Capture raw material cost models and analyze scenarios for potential market price changes
  • Analyze supplier performance for quantity, quality, and timeliness

Leading Commodity Procurement Solution

Competitive advantage will be gained by manufacturers that implement Eka’s Smart Commodity Management platform, InSight CM®. Available on premise or in cloud, Eka's next-generation CTRM software manages volatility in commodity, energy, and packaging costs. Eka’s advanced platform captures, analyzes, and manages demand, budgets, forecasts, position, coverage, procurement, and hedging while providing real-time scenario and intelligence capabilities to optimize decision making.

Commodity procurement solution

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