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Connecting Data Means Instant visibility

It doesn’t matter what systems you have already. Eka’s Jedi-like connectors let you bridge data from anywhere, regardless of source and volume. You can bring critical data in one place, and perform real-time analysis to move with markets, instantly.
access data on any mobile device

All your data in one place, instantly

Link previously isolated systems across the business with pre-built, inbound and outbound connectors, and bring data in one place, in minutes.

Real time price discovery with market data

Bring in exchange data from all markets and asset classes for real time price discoveries and trend analysis
connect to any data source
reporting & analytics connect any data

Advanced insights from external sources

Blend your data with critical feeds from external sources, be it trade, weather, crop production and more, and discover insights you couldn’t access earlier.

Integrated with external news

Connect data feeds such as company fundamentals, news sentiments, oil storage/drilling and news
connect in real time
Data connections made easy

Connected with data from all business systems

Tie-in data from all kinds of sources, from CSV, spreadsheets and shared folders to FTP/SFTP, ODBC and multiple APIs.

Connectors for every data source

Eka Connector Partners

See Eka’s connectors in action

See how REG reduced a four-day manual reporting process to a 30-minute task.
Renewable Energy Group Increases Efficiency with Eka