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CTRM software

Eka's Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software platform is an end-to-end transaction management platform suitable for a wide range of commodities in the agriculture, metals, energy, and manufacturing fields. In addition to support for commodity trading, transportation and logistics, processing, marketing, and hedging, Eka's platform includes advanced analytics and visualization that provide predictive analytics for commodity market participants.

The Eka Advantage for CTRM Software

  • Track physical inventory in real-time throughout the supply chain
  • Gain real-time demand, supply, and P&L visibility across physicals and derivatives, identifying exposures and enabling timely decisions and actions
  • Capture physical contracts with complex pricing features
  • Maintain real-time logistics information throughout the supply chain, including multiple modes of transportation and quality reporting
  • Meet all regulatory requirements including Dodd-Frank
  • Analyze transactional data through the use of predictive analytics

Leading Solution for CTRM Software

Eka’s CTRM software platform provides greater control over trading, risk management, and the supply chain of commodity businesses than first-generation CTRM platforms. In addition to support for complex transactions, Eka's advanced platform provides predictive analytics, visualization, and optimization. With the ability to make better, faster, smarter decisions, Eka’s advanced analysis and reporting module gives commodity market participants a competitive advantage.

CTRM software

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CTRM software

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