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Dodd-Frank software

The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into US law in 2010 to promote the financial stability of the United States. Companies that must comply with Dodd-Frank or other standards have additional requirements to ensure they meet the regulations, including increased transparency of derivatives.

The Eka Advantage for Dodd-Frank Compliance

  • Submit reports to trade repositories automatically
  • Document all hedges with effectiveness testing proving proper use of derivatives
  • Ensure compliance with auditable documents and automatic upgrades as regulations change
  • Manage a complete audit trail of all changes — who, when, what
  • Provide everyone in your organization with a current, transparent view of all positions and exposures

Leading Dodd-Frank Software Solution

Eka's Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM®, helps commodity market participants comply with the Dodd-Frank Act. Eka’s next-generation CTRM software platform provides and maintains a complete audit trail of all changes to the Smart Commodity Management platform — who, what, when. To meet Dodd-Frank requirements, reports are automatically submitted to trade repositories. InSight CM - Dodd-Frank ensures commodity market participants have evidence of the proper use of hedging with derivatives.

Dodd-Frank software

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