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Next-Generation Energy Trading and Risk Management

Energy trading and risk management

Managing production quantities is of primary importance to exploration and production (E&P) companies. As energy consumption in emerging markets such as China and India has increased, the need for unconventional oil has grown. Shale gas and oil have broadened US production, while the growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry has added to the volatility and complexity of energy markets.

Keeping pace will be challenging — procuring more output from existing oil fields is costly, and the logistics, supply systems, and political alignment needed to extract oil from new sources are complex, expensive, and time-consuming.

Energy trading and risk management

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InSight CM® - Oil manages the entire lifecycle of crude and refined products including purchase, refining, blending, storage, transportation, sales, distribution, and trading. Using the next-generation energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software, exploration and production companies can track costs throughout the entire product lifecycle from production to sale of end products using the netback feature. Eka’s advanced analysis and reporting module gives energy companies a competitive advantage.

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