Energy Trading Systems for Refiners

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Energy trading systems for refiners

Transparency of data helps refiners increase profits by having a clear picture of the differences in price between crude oil and refined products at all times. Support for multiple trade types are needed including simple fixed price trades such as futures and fixed price physicals, to more complex trades including crack spreads and formula-based physicals. Refiners need to be able to track and manage inventories of crude, refined, and blended products.

Energy trading systems

Leading ETRM Software for Refiners

InSight CM® - Oil manages the entire lifecycle of crude and refined products including purchase, refining, blending, storage, transportation, sales, distribution, and trading. With the next-generation ETRM software, energy companies can track and manage refining, blending, and supplies. The functionally rich solution includes the physical and financial tools to manage energy commodities. Eka’s advanced analysis and reporting module gives energy companies a competitive advantage.

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