Move over ETRMs. Here’s Energy Management.

Eka offers choices.  Start with our rich ETRM solution, or ETRM apps.  Manage your workflows from Risk Management to Trading, Supply Chain and Downstream to expertly adapt to market changes.
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Connected solutions to manage your entire value chain.

Focus on profits and leave the rest to Eka – from spreadsheets to contracts, P&L to positions, trading and risk to inventory.

Seamlessly link trading to operations with solutions designed for maximum visibility to instantly spot and react to friction miles away.

Deliver energy savings and ensure compliance by automating complex scheduling and supply chains in volatile energy markets.

Why Eka?

Expert Commodity Suite

Intelligent Data Connectors

On Cloud Platform

Fast Implementation

Extensible CM Platform

Trading & Risk

Acquire a digital edge by acting faster on changes in the market.

Use cases

Thrive in complex energy markets

Maximize profits by rapidly configuring intuitive apps run by powerful engines at a fraction of ETRM cost and implementation time.



Get powerful netting summaries

Get powerful netting summaries by automating complex formulae and proving them. Run trend analysis and add algorithms to predict demands.


Settlement Netting

Maximize profitability on power stations

Analyze electricity spreads in power plants. Maximize profits by meeting customer demand efficiently while participating in wholesale trading market.

Make informed decisions with insights on demand

Adapt to market dynamics with data enabled by self service analytics at your fingertips.

Supply Chain & Operations

Seamlessly link trading to operations with the Eka Operations App Suite. It is digitally designed for maximum visibility so you can spot and react to any friction miles away instantly.

Use cases

Efficient scheduling

Schedule multiple commodities, optimize energy flows and avoid operational surprises – all on one platform. From managing trade to logistics and delivery.


Eka TRM + Scheduling

Store smart

Plan your trade and supply chain better by managing your storage and scheduling across commodities linking every aspect of delivery.



Connect supply chain

Add intelligence to your supply chain and stay ahead in dynamic markets by discovering previously unseen opportunities while controlling risks and costs.




Deliver energy savings and ensure compliance in an evolving regulatory environment. Automate complex scheduling and supply chains and make the most of volatility in energy markets.

Use cases

Full visibility of risk and exposure

Powerful risk management tools at your fingertips from foundation blocks like Position/M2M, P&L management to sophisticated risk engines like HVar/Pvar/ What-if, and DB Snapshot that allow you to optimize from every angle.

Integrate workflows to manage compliance requirements

Save days of manual processing, spreadsheet analysis by accurately automating everything from pricing/deal information to trade capture, and confirm through Eka Risk App Suite.


Eka TRM + Compliance (App)

Plan more efficient voyages

Optimize trading strategy by comparing different voyage strategies, analyzing fuel, port and bunkering charges to plan vessel strategy. View vessel status, last known location, estimated voyage time for in-voyage vessels and potential delays.