Modern ETRM for Power.

Manage volatile transmission costs and make the most profitable decisions around power scheduling, trading, and operations with Eka ETRM.

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Power and Utility Companies Face

Volatility and Hedging

Volatility and Hedging

Power and utility companies must deal with unprecedented volatility in power prices and complex transmission networks. Lack of storage adds to the price volatility

Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory Requirements_Power_Panel

Complying with government and regulatory requirements such as Dodd-Frank is an important part of risk management and corporate governance initiatives

Capture Regional Nuances

Capture Regional Nuances_Power_Panel2_3

Power generation is region-based and highly complex, and the regional nature of power generation is critical for making successful trades

End-to-end Trade Lifecyle

Manage the entire lifecycle of power scheduling and trading from transaction capture through confirmations, operations, scheduling, risk management, credit, and settlement

Real-time View

Make optimized decisions with a real-time view of required information throughout the power trade lifecycle, from original trade through to final destination


Meet different obligations, based on regulators and geography and ensure a wide range of reporting compliance including EMIR, Dodd Frank, CFTC, MiFiD, ICE and FinFRag

Apps For Trading and Risk

Physical Trades

Get end-to-end coverage from upstream and pricing to contracts specific to your market. Make decisions on time with a complete view of position, exposure and on-demand P&L.

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Derivative Trades

Get end-to-end management of exchange traded and over the counter financial contracts in one system for hedging and speculation.

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Get real-time analysis of the potential impact of dynamic market prices. Analyze historical changes in P&L to spot trends and track performance by trader, books, and commodity.

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Stay on top of complex scheduling from upstream to downstream and drive more efficiency by tracking and optimizing movements across multiple modes of transport – pipeline, truck, rail, barge, and vessels.

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Spot opportunities, mitigate risks and arrive at a single point of truth of your overall exposure. Stay up-to-date on position exposure for physicals, derivatives and FX trades.

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Manage large volumes of transactions while ensuring high system performance. Benefit from tracking cost components throughout the entire supply chain.

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Seamlessly Integrate with External Systems

Instant Integrations


Connect any system, exchange, market feeds, and everything in between, instantly with open APIs and in-built connectors ready for integration.

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