Hedge Accounting Software

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Hedge accounting software

Commodity market participants require hedge accounting software that automates an otherwise arcane process for hedge accounting. These companies require a software platform to maintain all documentation including hedge objectives, type of hedge, description of hedge, type of risk, length of hedge, and prospective and retrospective assessments. Support for all types of trades is also needed including forwards, futures, calendar spread, product spread, exchange, over-the-counter (OTC), swaps, and average trades.

The Eka Advantage for Hedge Accounting

  • Ensure hedge accounting requirements are met, including effectiveness testing, documentation, and reporting
  • View the pricing and effectiveness of each hedge
  • Define necessary hedge objectives for the organization
  • Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets from hedge management
  • Automate effectiveness testing within hedge accounting
  • Meet various international standards

Leading Hedge Accounting Software Solution

Eka’s Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM®, is an advanced solution for managing the trade, movement, and risk of multiple commodities including agriculture, metals, and energy. The next-generation CTRM software automates the hedge accounting process for commodities and supports an organization's profit margins and risk management. Use InSight CM - Hedge Accounting to enhance hedge decision making.

Hedge accounting software

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