Next-Generation Smart Commodity Management

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Commodity trading and risk management software

Eka’s Smart Commodity Management is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that helps companies that procure, trade, move, and process commodities and manage risk deal with the challenges of volatile markets and complex global operations.

Eka’s platform is an advanced solution for managing the trade, movement, and risk management of multiple commodities including agriculture, metals, energy, trading, financial, and manufacturing industries. What separates Eka from other vendors is Eka's next-generation commodity trading and risk management software, providing user-controlled predictive analytics to make better, faster, and more informed decisions.

Commodity trading risk management software

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Learn more about Eka's Commodity Analytics Cloud and how it can transform your performance by providing commodity specific analytics to all business users: watch a video.

Learn more about Eka's InSight CM commodity trading and risk management platform and what it can do for your supply, marketing, trading, and scheduling activities: download a brochure.

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