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Manage Operational Challenges in Liquefaction and Regasification

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The demand for natural gas is increasing, however countries with large supplies are typically landlocked and face high transportation costs. Converting natural gas to its liquid form, known as liquefied natural gas (LNG), makes it cost-efficient to transport over long distances. However, there are many operational challenges involved with liquefaction, transportation, and regasification. Companies require advanced systems to successfully manage these challenges in an increasingly-complex international market.

Leading Liquefied Natural Gas Trading System

Eka’s Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM® - Natural Gas, manages the entire LNG lifecycle from capturing physical transactions to scheduling and tracking best-available positions. The next-generation ETRM software solution provides a seamless process for the efficient scheduling and tracking of natural gas positions that are to be liquefied and regasified. It delivers advanced functionality that enables companies to:

  • Model the input, output, costs, and losses of liquefaction and regasification
  • Assess the quality rating of a process with pricing adjustments to valuation of inventory
  • Analyze positions and exposures including mark-to-market valuation, value at risk (VaR), backtesting, stress testing, and P&L
  • Manage multiple currencies in risk and settlement, and capture currency hedges

With Eka’s comprehensive LNG trading and risk management platform, traders, schedulers, and accountants have all the information they need to ensure efficient and profitable LNG scheduling.

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