Eliminate Data Islands to Improve Procurement, Risk and Compliance

Eka’s Digital Commodity Management platform consolidates all your data, so you can make better buy decisions. Analyze market shifts and take advantage of opportunities before they disappear with real-time visibility into risk, coverage and exposure.
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Manufacturing CTRM

Connected solutions to make better decisions faster


Manage enterprise-wide spend with extended view into coverage and price risk. Simulate various scenarios and get instant alerts on policy breaches.


Gain real time visibility into inventory, position and exposure. Define cross hedging rules and compare outcomes of different hedging strategies.


Manage global risk across multiple portfolios with real-time alerts on breaches against governance. Assess trade impact on spend, variance and coverage.


Create and submit comprehensive and accurate reports on demand with a few clicks. Ensure regulatory compliance across EMIR, CFTC, MiFiD, MAR and more.

Why Eka?

Eliminates Data Silos

True Plug & Play


Cost Competitive

Risk & Compliance Specialist

Go Live in Weeks


Turbocharge Manufacturing

Make smarter decisions to decrease costs and reduce risk.

Use cases


Full visibility into risk and exposure

Stay on top of position and P&L when procuring resources locally and globally. View the impact of sudden market movements and potential trades. Control counterparty risks and potential credit incidents before they occur.


Track coverage and manage spend better

Track planned vs. actual spend by simulating multiple parameters like price, coverage, and change in forecasted demand. Define risk limit policies against position, P&L, and VaR, with alert notifications for user groups.


Meet compliance requirements

Integrate all workflows to ensure a wide range of regulatory reporting. Meet all your obligations based on regulators, geography, commodity or asset class. Create custom reports, including disclosure reports, multi-geographic and cross commodity reports, and more.


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