When ore gets connected to manufacturing.

Optimize your supply chain and trade efficiently by connecting every step from ore to manufacturing.
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When ore gets connected to manufacturing

Connected solutions to manage your entire value chain

Eka Metals & Mining Upstream Solutions

Increase throughput. Use business logistics intelligence to boost efficiency of your bulk operations from mine to port.

Eka Metals & Mining Trading & Risk Solutions

Focus on profits and leave the rest to Eka – from spreadsheets to contracts, P&L to positions, and trading and risk management to inventory.


Maximize operational efficiency across the supply chain, from input material to ship and truck, all the way to delivery.

Eka Metals & Mining Downstream Solutions

Ensure regulatory compliance and make better sourcing decisions by integrating risks from trading and supply.

Why Eka?

Expert Commodity Suite

Intelligent Data Connectors

On Cloud Platform

Fast Implementation

Extensible CM Platform


Add business logistics intelligence to double the efficiency of your operations from mine to port.

Use cases

Analyze 3D locations of stocks

Achieve accurate quality blends

Increase profitability using advanced 3D modeling to better match inventory to sales quality specifications. Maximize margins while eliminating penalties and minimizing waste of valuable resources.



Improve awareness with advanced controls

Automation meets commodities bulk handling systems. Control site operations with maximum visibility so you can spot friction miles away instantly and reconfigure operations autonomously.


Boost efficiency of bulk operations

Meet cargo requirements more efficiently, including receival, transfer, and loading functions. Identify bottlenecks, improve planning, and maximize throughput. Gain insight into planned vs. achieved operations.

Improve logistics management and schedule management

Manage bulk stock like a boss

The leanest supply chain ninjas optimize logistical operations based on clear knowledge of stock movement and associated costs of transport – in real time.
Get the big picture with connected operations.



Trading & Risk

Manage everything from spreadsheets to contracts, P&L to positions, and risk management to inventory tracking with Eka CTRM. It’s more than just CTRM software for metals and mining commodities, enabling you to focus on growing profits and tying supply and demand to move markets.

Use cases

metals and mining - tolling

Manage transaction lifecycles across asset classes

Simplify the entire transaction lifecycle for controlling end-to-end trading workflows. Manage contract terms and conditions, pricing, assaying, umpiring, and settlements and risk for each element and trade throughout the lifecycle.


Eka CTRM + Tolling + Assaying

Select best suppliers and maximize profits

Maximize profits by choosing the best supplier, comparing costs related to quality, processing, logistics, and more. Compare margins for different suppliers and qualities to take advantage of opportunities arising from changing market conditions.

Eka Metals & Mining Usecase Make informed decisions with insights on demand

Make informed decisions with insights on demand

Adapt to market dynamics by connecting data from disparate systems. Use self-service analytics
to blend your data with market information, weather data, news
feeds and more to create actionable insights.


Get a 360 degree
view of risk

Respond to market changes quickly and manage risk and credit exposure with all counterparties proactively. Gain enhanced visibility and a 360-degree view powered by Eka’s Trading & Risk management solution.

Use real-time position data to make better trading decisions

Bring speed and accuracy to position & P&L management

Make more accurate decisions by getting a consolidated and near real-time view of position, P&L and markets.

Consolidate data across systems and enable simulations.

Supply Chain & Operations

Maximize operational efficiency by monitoring throughput at every point in the supply chain. Track everything, from input material to ship and truck, all the way to delivery.

Use cases


Real-time material

Track your input materials in real time – from the mine to smelting and delivery. Manage all operations remotely with a comprehensive view using real-time modeling of operations from stockyard to machinery across multiple sites.



Balance supply and demand dynamically

Align inventory with market and customer demands and reduce dead inventory with improved strategic planning and analysis. Analyze forecasted vs. actual demand by category or by product and evaluate stock response.


Improve supplier collaboration and contract management.

Communicate with multiple suppliers

Move beyond email and connect with suppliers in real time to manage sale, purchase, and delivery of produce. Enable suppliers to view prices, contracts, and payment status while tracking deliveries, positions, and invoices.


Manage your inputs beyond sourcing to integrate risks from trading and supply.

Use cases


Automate regulatory

Stay on top of regulations by submitting reports directly to trade repositories and track the status without missing deadlines. Meet different obligations based on regulators, geography, commodity or asset class.


Analyze and manage enterprise-wide spend

Monitor and manage spend variance and coverage across portfolios. Compare planned versus covered quantities, prices, and market rates by component and items, and get notified instantly in the event of coverage breaches against corporate policies.

Improve customer collaboration.

Deliver better customer engagement

Connect directly with customers in real time and manage all queries on contracts, invoicing and ticketing in one place. Publish offers, make bids and negotiate while tracking all contractual aspects such as shipment, invoices, payments and more.