Metals Software for Concentrates

Manage Metals Trading

Metals software to manage metals trading

Mining, smelting, and refining companies face unique challenges in the management of metal concentrates and ferro alloys. Without an advanced metals software platform in place, companies that buy and sell concentrates may struggle to get an accurate view of positions and risks. Companies that extract minerals and iron ore and then process it into concentrates for further refining into metal also require next-generation CTRM software to maintain profitability.

The Eka Advantage for Concentrates & Ferro Alloys

  • Manage physical contracts with various pricing methods (fixed, average, formula, index-based)
  • Assess current positions with real-time information
  • Analyze the effects of mark-to-market P&L at summary and granular levels
  • Maintain profitability while managing complex physical movements
  • Manage counterparty credit

Leading Metals Software Solution to Manage Metals Trading

Companies dealing with a manual, error-prone process will benefit from Eka's advanced metals Smart Commodity Management solution, InSight CM® - Concentrates. With Eka’s next-generation CTRM software platform, you can easily manage the contract terms and conditions, pricing, assaying, umpiring, settlements, financial hedges, and P&L — all on one platform.

Metals software to manage metals trading

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