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Metals software for manufacturing finished goods

Companies who need metals to manufacture finished goods are challenged by the price volatility of metals and energy used in the production of  metals products. The operation and profitability of metals fabricators is greatly influenced by price volatility and energy costs. Companies require metals software that can provide real-time data to make decisions regarding buying, selling, hedging, and moving metals. Fabricators need to seek out methods to protect their margins and improve operational efficiency.

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The Leading Solution for Metals Fabricators

Eka’s Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM®, is a comprehensive solution for managing physical trading, position, P&L, derivatives, risk, logistics, finance, bulk stock management, task execution, and business intelligence across base metals, ferro alloys, steel, and scrap. The next-generation CTRM software provides real-time data to help fabricators gain insight into the source of margin contribution from each process in the lifecycle of the product from origination of raw materials to finished goods.

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