Mobile Apps for Smart Commodity Management

Get Insights to Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile Apps for Smart Commodity Management

Eka’s next-generation Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM®, provides greater control over trading, procurement, logistics, bulk handling, processing, enterprise risk, and compliance than first-generation CTRM and ETRM software platforms. And with Eka’s mobile apps, you can monitor your positions and exposures from anywhere.

"Eka’s easy-to-use system can be accessed anywhere thanks to its cloud-based functionality." 

The Eka Advantage for Smart Commodity Management

  • Gain in-depth analysis of company performance anywhere you are, around the clock
  • Maintain the highest visibility of critical data with access to key data showing positions, exposures, and P&L
  • Quickly perform your most critical tasks with an interface designed for mobile devices
  • Better understand your data with multiple visualizations including bar, column, and line graphs and maps
  • Maximize efficiency by setting up alerts and reminders

Eka Mobile Apps for Smart Commodity Management

Using Eka's mobile apps, traders, risk managers, and executives can maximize productivity with the ability to perform key functions anytime, anywhere. Traders can enter deals and hedge effectively, even while not in the office. Risk managers can manage risk across the organization and executives can monitor key performance indicators at any time. The ability to react quickly to new deal information and communicate this information to the relevant people in an organization rapidly, accurately, and conveniently, provides companies with a competitive advantage. Using Eka’s mobile apps eliminates the need for multiple follow-up email and telephone communications that can be inaccurate and delay contract settlement.

Mobile Apps for Smart Commodity Management

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