Natural Gas Software

Track Complex Gas Trading, Risk Management, and Scheduling

Gas scheduling software

Companies that produce, distribute, and trade natural gas need to manage trading, price risk, and scheduling with advanced natural gas software to remain profitable. To do this, they need Smart Commodity Management systems for natural gas that not only transact and capture data in real-time but also provide critical business intelligence and analysis information to make optimal decisions around trade execution, position management, and scheduling.

Gas scheduling software

Leading Solution for Natural Gas Trading and Risk Management

InSight CM® - Natural Gas manages the entire lifecycle of natural gas including transaction capture, scheduling, confirmations, operations, risk management, credit, and settlement. The next-generation ETRM software is gas scheduling software that supports complex scheduling using real-time balance, capacity, and transportation cost data. Using Eka's natural gas solutions, front, middle, and back office personnel have all the data needed for natural gas companies to run efficiently and profitably.

ETRM software

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