ETRM Software for NGL Trading and Risk

Leverage Market Opportunities and Manage Operational Challenges


The demand for natural-gas liquids (NGLs) continues to rise as abundant supplies from crude and natural gas production make them a very affordable choice for home heating, petrochemical feedstock and other purposes. However, market volatility is not uncommon given the price-sensitive nature of the petrochemical sector. In addition, producers and marketers face many operational challenges due to the high costs involved with NGL handling, storage and transport. Companies require advanced systems to successfully manage these issues and effectively leverage market-making events and opportunities.

Leverage Market Opportunities and Manage Operational Challenges

Eka’s Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM® - Natural Gas, manages the entire NGL lifecycle from capturing physical and financial transactions to scheduling, fractionation and storage positions. The next-generation ETRM software solution manages volumes from source to final destination with sophisticated mark-to-market (M2M) and option valuations. It delivers advanced functionality that enables companies to:

  • Capture all physical and financial transactions and manage complex pricing structures
  • Track inventory positions over month end
  • Analyze positions and exposures including M2M valuation, value at risk (VaR), backtesting, stress testing, and P&L
  • Balance long and short positions to transactions automatically
  • Manage setup for all mix and specification grades 

With Eka’s comprehensive NGL trading and risk management platform, traders, market participants have all the information they need to ensure efficient and profitable NGL scheduling and make smarter business decisions.

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