Oil Trading and Risk Management Software for Crude & Refined Products

Manage Price, Operational, and Credit Risk

Oil trading software

The complexity and volatility of the crude and refined markets are here to stay. Keeping pace will be challenging: procuring more output from existing oil fields is costly, and the logistics, supply systems, and political alignment needed to extract oil from new sources is complex, expensive, and time-consuming. It is important that marketers, refiners, and exploration and production (E&P) companies have real-time, advanced oil trading software to mitigate risk, manage physical movements, and optimize decision-making.

Oil trading software for crude and refined products

Leading Solution for Crude & Refined Products

InSight CM® - Oil manages the entire lifecycle of crude and refined products including purchase, refining, blending, storage, transportation, sales, distribution, and trading. With the next-generation ETRM software, energy companies can track and manage refining, blending, and supplies. The functionally rich solution includes the physical and financial tools to manage energy commodities. Eka’s advanced analysis and reporting module gives energy companies a competitive advantage.

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