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Commodity Management for Oil & Refined Products

Oil trading software with pipeline logistics

The complexity and volatility of the crude and refined markets are here to stay. Keeping pace will be challenging: procuring more output from existing oil fields is costly, and the logistics, supply systems, and political alignment needed to extract oil from new sources is complex, expensive, and time-consuming.

The Eka Advantage for Oil Trading and Risk Management

  • Gain real-time P&L data throughout the day with flash P&L
  • Discover invisible risks with real-time P&L attribution
  • Capture all information on the buying and selling of an energy product, including storage and transportation
  • Use sophisticated analytic and visualization tools to support scenario optimization, “what-if” deals, stress testing, VaR, and other advanced risk management techniques
  • Manage any high volume mode of movement and transport including pipeline, truck, rail, vessel, and barge
  • Track costs throughout the entire product lifecycle from production to sale of end products using the netback feature
  • Automatically maintain audit logs that track all users and activities including new deals, feeds from external exchanges, and deals being edited

Leading Oil Trading Software Solution

InSight CM - Oil helps companies manage the entire lifecycle of crude and refined products including purchase, refining, blending, storage, transportation, sales, distribution, and trading. Using the software, marketers, refiners, and exploration and production (E&P) companies have real-time, advanced systems to mitigate risk, manage physical movements, and optimize decision-making. Eka's next-generation ETRM software platform, InSight CM, supports complex pipeline logistics and various types of transportation including truck, rail, vessel, and barge.

Oil trading software with pipeline logistics

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