Platform to power your growth

Moving the commodity industry from inflexible single point solutions to self serve apps on one extensible cloud platform so you can interconnect applications to power your growth.

Before Eka

Traditional CTRM/ ETRM systems
Monolithic CTRM is outdated.

With Eka

Single platform to connect the commodity value chain.
From Sourcing to Trading & Risk to Supply Chain to Downstream

Eka Digital Commodity Management Platform

The Eka platform. Loaded with features

Flex to your business needs

Meet your business needs by configuring only the apps you need. Scale your business and generate new streams of revenue at a fraction of CTRM cost & deployment time.
flex to business needs
eka's apps all work together seamlessly

Break the box

Break out of the box by connecting beyond Risk & Trading to Sourcing & Procurement. Create a connected commodity value chain and gain complete decision visibility with real-time data on commodity workflows from sourcing to delivery.

Data. From anywhere

Make snappy decisions by connecting with any data, anytime and anywhere. Pre-built connectors to internal and external data let you get your data in one place in minutes instead of weeks.
TRM ags (CTRM)