Power Scheduling/Power Trading Software for Power Companies & Utilities

Manage Volatile Prices and Complex Transmission Networks

Power trading software for power companies and utilities

Power and utility companies require sophisticated software platforms to make optimized decisions around power scheduling, trading, and operations. Today's power companies and utilities must deal with unprecedented volatility in power prices, complex transmission networks, and evolving regulatory requirements. Volatility in transmission costs and power prices negatively affect profitability and bottom lines.

Complying with government and regulatory requirements such as Dodd-Frank are an increasingly important part of risk management and corporate governance initiatives. Adding to the complexity, power generation is regional-based and highly complex. These companies need next-generation ETRM software.

Power trading software for power companies and utilities

Leading Power Scheduling and Power Trading Software Solution

InSight CM® - Power is a comprehensive solution for power scheduling and trading, managing the entire lifecycle from transaction capture through confirmations, operations, risk management, credit, and settlement. Transaction data is automatically reflected in downstream processes. Both standard profiles (7x24, 5x16) and customized profiles are supported, and the system handles all associated impacts of time zones and daylight savings time. InSight CM - Power supports the complex scheduling of power. Traders, schedulers, and back office personnel gain a real-time view of required information from original trade through to final destination.

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